Mr. Jones

Over the past year I was contacted by several lenders who thought they could help me refinance from my adjustable mortgage to a fixed mortgage. Pete was the only person who understood the process and had the resources available to get me a secure, fixed loan. Pete was very professional and I would highly recomment his services to other people.

Mrs. Hiller

Pete made the whole process of buying a house easy. He told me exactly what he would need to get approved and showed me what to expect on escrow fees. He watched the trends and locked me into a great mortgage interest rate. He is upfront and honest so you can trust him and that makes everything so much more comfortable. I’ll be back for my next purchase.

Marie Herrick

We can't thank you enough Pete for getting this loan for us. We are so greatful for how quickly this all came together. We have comfortable payments, and a wonderful new home. We are so grateful. Megastar God has blessed you!!! You were always there helping us with any question that arose...

Overjoyed with how easy this was for us. From start to finish 31 days. Now that's something to be proud of Pete! If we ever do this again we will be calling you!